Ataraxia Nyah

DOB: 14/11/2001                                           DOD: 19/09/2014

Appraisal Score: 83.9% (SABT)

Sire: Maestro Napoleon 86.4%                            Dam: Piona Lola 85.4%

Nyah unfortunately is no longer with us, she almost made 14 years of age. She was the matriarch of our Boerboel family and there really will never be another like her, she is truly missed.  She was a fantastic companion and guard dog and she was also our house pet.

Nyah showed us her Boerboel instincts from a very young age. You would quite often find her just outside the fence line of the house yard, sitting, watching and protecting us.  Everyone just adored her and she adored everyone, especially children and elderly people. We have had barbecques at our home with plenty of people of mixed ages. Nyah would usually sit beside the elderly people or infants as if she knew that they were a bit more vulnerable.

Nyah’s guarding instincts were impeccable, if we had strange visitors she would go off, but tended to always recognise familiar people and cars. She always looked to us for assurance that everything was okay. If we were comfortable she would wag her tail and get excited.