Evolution Zora

DOB: 23/09/2004

Appraisal Score: 83.8% (SABT)

Sire: Maestro Napoleon 86.4%                                  Dam: Ataraxia Six 86.8%

Zora is now in her 12th year, she is such a wonderful family dog and is extremely gentle with our daughter who is currently 2 years of age. She has started to really slow down this past 12 months but up until then she remained very agile.

We have heard stories of farmers in Africa who take their Boerboels out into the fields to protect them from predators such as wild cats. Zora in her prime would definitely be one of the dogs chosen for such a task if given the chance. She has incredible prey drive and is very athletic. She is a very versatile dog being a great companion and guard dog.